Evaluate Internet like a service and technology

Evaluate Internet like a service and technology
            Internet is a global data communication system of interconnected computers network. It carries various information resources and services for education, marketing and leisure such as electronic mail, online chat, file transfer and file sharing, online gaming, e-learning programs. Internet service and technology is rabidly expanding. Every day there is a new technology, software, hardware devices or service that promise to make our lives and jobs easier and more enjoyable. Although internet has many benefits, possibilities and opportunities its hide traps and dangers.
            Internet carries various information resources. Google and Yahoo are the two most important and famous websites. Millions of surfers especially students use them every day. If we consider that students need several books in order to learn and present researches, internet can improve the content of a course book and save them time and money because the can study any time from where they may be. A lot of e-learning programs are already exist and allows you to learn and study. Courses can take place wherever your computer is located or from anywhere you have access to the internet. You can have the degree you need without being on the university’s establishments.
            Internet has also become a big market for companies and banks. There are same important advantages using internet for advertising products and services. Organization use internet services and technology to have more productive work forces, be more flexible in implementing change, have more possibilities to succeed their purposes and maximize results. Users can order products online and receive them in few days. Hotels and airlines give you the opportunity to choose days, hours and low cost to fly or book in their hotels. E-banks give the opportunity to their costumers the chance to ship their accounts from home or work. File transfer or file sharing are offering by e-mail.
            Many Internet forums have section devoted to game and funny videos. With online gaming you can play poker, football, backgammon, chess and other games with player from all countries, testing your gamming skills. There is a list of web links that will help the server improve their gaming strategy, downloads and many gaming related articles. This form of leisure creates communities, bringing people from all ages together to enjoy and relax. There are so many people in the world who are along and have nothing to do. Playing with other servers, give them the feeling of company.         
            Every day there is a new technology, software, hardware, devices or services that promise to make our lives and jobs easier and more enjoyable. The internet can now be accessed almost anywhere. Mobile phones, data cards, handheld game consoles and cellular routers allow users to connect to the internet from anywhere there is a cellular network supporting that device technology.   
            Although internet has many benefits, its hide many traps, risk and dangerous. The anonymity of internet has allowed people to be anyone they think you want them to be. Old people create e-mail relations with young children. Men appear like women, dexterous cheat innocents by watching their lives with cameras, personal elements violated. Another danger you can have in internet is to order a product and never receive it. Also trying to open a website a various might destroy your computers data.
            All these prove that internet becomes an integral part of our lives. It brings people closer, creates communities and relations, and provides services and products. It improves access to instruction, allow servers to choose a convenient time and place for learning and leisure. If you are carefully and avoid the dangers internet can be a supporting device for all of us.