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Battery Charger Circuit Using SCR

07/08/2015 15:00
Introduction to SCR: SCR is abbreviation for Silicon Controlled Rectifier. SCR has three pins anode, cathode and gate as shown in the below figure. It is made up of there PN junction diodes also; it is solid state equivalent of gas filled triode and has around four semi conductor layers. SCR can...

Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit

07/08/2015 14:59
Introduction: To charge a battery from AC we need a step down transformer, rectifier, filtering circuit, regulator to maintain the constant voltage then we can give that voltage to the battery to charge it. Think if you have only DC voltage and charge the lead acid battery, we can do it by giving...

Simple 100W Inverter Circuit

07/08/2015 14:56
INTRODUCTION Inverter is a small circuit which will convert the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The power of a battery is converted in to’ main voltages’ or AC power. This power can be used for electronic appliances like television, mobile phones, computer etc. the main function of...

Mysterious Lake In Oregon Disappears Every Year. And We Know Why.

05/08/2015 14:11
Mysterious Lake In Oregon Explained When it is raining in Oregon, majority of people living in the area probably don’t think too much about Lost Lake, shallow lake surrounded by trees near highway. But people who drive around this mysterious lake might notice a different. During...

Are Time And Space An Illusion?

07/07/2015 14:26
Every event from past, present and future has already happened. Sounds interesting, right? According to Gabe Perez-Giz, who uses this analogy in his video also said, that we are traveling through events at our own timescale.  If you still don’t understand, imagine that we all...

Common Colector Amplifier

20/07/2013 14:02
common collector amplifier.doc (112640)

Small signal diode circuit

20/07/2013 13:50
Author: Vasilis Leandrou Small signal diode circuit.doc (165,5 kB)

Diode Characteristics

20/07/2013 13:49
Author: Vasilis Leandrou Diode Characteristics.doc (105,5 kB)

dc bias techiques for the BJT

20/07/2013 13:48
Author: Vasilis Leandrou dc bias techiques for the BJT.doc (701,5 kB)

Common Emitter Characteristics

20/07/2013 13:36
Author: Vasilis Leandrou Common-Emitter Characteristics.doc (821,5 kB)
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